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Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 15

Bobbing for Apples

Slut Sounds Erotic Audio Podcast

Bobbing for Apples

Hello and welcome to Episode 15 of the Slut Sounds Podcast. On this episode, Lynnea explains the reasons she prefers phone sex to doing webcam. We also have a sex confession email sent in by a listener.  Lynnea talks a bit about looking for an intern (boy toy) for the show.  We have some brief but hot erotic audio clips too!


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Erotic Audio Podcast

Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 12

On Episode 12 of the Slut Sounds erotic audio podcast Lynnea discusses the types of phone sex services out there so that you know what kind of business you are spending your money at. The usual shenanigans and orgasms abound. Some audio porn about the mile high club will titillate you. As always this is an adult porn podcast so unzip your pants and be ready to stroke it while you listen.