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My Neighbor Likes Panties

My Neighbor Likes Panties

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The Smut Honey Podcast Ep 6
My Neighbor Likes Panties

Welcome to Episode 6 of The Smut Honey Podcast. Lynnea shares a sexy story about a dirty panty freak she lived next door to and a short erotic audio about swallowing a load. This episode also includes a few short song clips and a sleazy tune. A few comedy clips and Lynnea’s German sex puppet leave her a voicemail. Two different ladies have an orgasm pretty loudly and a clip of various women moaning all at once into the ultimate moanfest! The Smut Honey Erotic Audio Podcast is a free program for adults only. It is recorded on a random schedule for naughty gentlemen who enjoy erotica. Every episode is intended to titillate and tease men.

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Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 8

Lynnea briefly talks about why she has been so busy, but also explains the billing procedure that clients go through in order to do a phone sex call.

Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 7

On Episode 7 of the Slut Sounds Podcast Lynnea defines phone sex and describes what a call might be like for newbies to this style of erotica. There is also a lot of erotic audio like, some clitty mashing and slapping, a dirty description about being pounded by a big black dildo, an oral sex story, and some sex sounds. This is jerk off material so why the hell not?

Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 6

Do you really think you want a job in the phone sex industry? What skills does it take? Callers may enjoy this explanation as well.

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