Aural Sex

Erotic Pleasure Needs Sex Sounds

Sex is a pleasure that should be felt OUT LOUD and it should vibrate the walls. Is there a person alive who is not turned on more by hearing the sounds of their partner aroused? Sex is more than just intercourse, and foreplay is more than just touching. The physical touch… It makes our bodies feel good, but the sound of sex stimulates our minds.

Sex should tantalize all of our senses: the scent, the visual, the taste, the touch, and certainly, the sounds too. Men and women who are very aural tend to be creative mentally; by having very vivid fantasies. As an aural sex enthusiast and Phone Sex Operator,  I understand how important sound is to our erotic adventures and imagination. The sense of hearing can set off some pretty deep sexual stimulation.

Sounds and words can intensify our sexual arousal, they allow us to verbalize a naughty fantasy, and help us to reach new levels of orgasm. Groans, screams, heaving breaths, sighs, squeaks, and simple light grunts are almost animalistic noises. Never underestimate the sound of someone’s rapid breathing as an erotic aphrodisiac. Sensual sounds can also be created by someone’s voice and some serious naughty verbal expressions. Speaking or making erotic sounds during a sex act can actually paint an image in our minds. Sex needs sound; for without…. it is as exciting as watching a silent movie. Sounds are truly sexy and it stimulates our biggest sex organ – the brain!

Speaking during sex or masturbation is a way of communicating, a way of learning, and the road to total pleasure. Many of us feel more open to moaning during masturbation than while having sex with a partner. By doing so alone, we can then learn to open up and get a bit noisier with our partners.

So during your next sensual experience: whether it is masturbation, or sex with a partner – try to get a little verbal and try to make some noise! Once you learn to really “let go” and get aural… it will bring more pleasure into your sex life.


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