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Reality of Phone Sex

Slut Sounds Erotic Audio Podcast

Reality of Phone Sex

Welcome to Episode 20 of the Erotic Audio Slut Sounds Podcast! In this Episode, Lynnea discusses the reality of phone sex and what its benefits actually are. There is a little sexy erotic audio clip to tease you. Some girls moaning and masturbating. But also a very short little interview with Lynnea which are the most common questions she is asked. It’s been a while since the last episode so I’m just trying to get caught up!

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$10 phone sex



Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 14

Lynnea talks about the future of the podcast and about her anonymous sex confessions line. We have a little erotic music, some female orgasm sex sounds, and even some phone sex girl audio clips. Sit down, relax, and enjoy some sexy fun for the next 15 minutes.

Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 13

On Episode 13 of the Slut Sounds erotic audio podcast Lynnea gives you a very brief update and then reads an erotic story that she wrote titled “Little Miss Cock Tease”. Reading the story gets her horny so she needs to quickly masturbate and allows you to listen in. As always this is an adult porn podcast so unzip your pants and be ready to stroke it while you listen. This is a FREE Erotic Audio Podcast produced by Lynnea from PhoneFlirts.com. Feel free to email Lynnea direct with comments slutsounds (@) Gmail.com.

Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 8

Lynnea briefly talks about why she has been so busy, but also explains the billing procedure that clients go through in order to do a phone sex call.

Slut Sounds Podcast Episode 7

On Episode 7 of the Slut Sounds Podcast Lynnea defines phone sex and describes what a call might be like for newbies to this style of erotica. There is also a lot of erotic audio like, some clitty mashing and slapping, a dirty description about being pounded by a big black dildo, an oral sex story, and some sex sounds. This is jerk off material so why the hell not?

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