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How do you define a sexy voice? From the vibration your cock gets upon hearing it of course! Did you ever make a normal telephone call to pay a bill, to place an order for something or (maybe food) and talk to a girl/woman with an incredibly sexy voice? Maybe you knew a girl that you talked to on the phone as a friend for hours...... and without her knowledge... you played with yourself because her voice was so hot? Phone Sex is much like verbal foreplay, it teases the mind. A sexy female voice coos at you, taunts you, and encourages you to masturbate. The voice you like is probably very specific, and it matters much less what words she uses. It's her tones, her rhythm, and her pace that creates the perfect atmosphere for your fantasy. The WAY she speaks to you is absolutely as arousing as the dirty words she chooses. A sensual full bodied clear voice that's rich in femininity is what sparks your desires and your imagination. A sexy female voice will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. A honey ladened voice will curl your pubic hair. A sexy hot sensual voice will make your spine tingle. A sexy voice makes your dick wet too. A sexy female voice whispering on the telephone is sometimes just what you need to enhance your masturbation.

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